I had my first massage this weekend and it was awesome. I left feeling so much better than when I came in and still feel great. I will definitely be getting my massages from them.

Sage Sisters Massage Therapy does an awesome job! I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated!

Sage Sisters Massage Therapy is awesome! I had experienced massage therapy in the past, but after my first appointment with them I knew I had found someone who was truly talented in the field. They do not subscribe to the “one massage fits all” approach. Each massage is tailored to my specific needs and they are always mindful of my cmfort level. Thanks to Sage Sisters Massage Therapy, has become an important part of my physical, emotional, and spiritual maintenance. The benefits have been amazing.

This is by far the best massage out there. Sage Sisters Massage Therapy will focus on just your pain areas at your request as well as full body massage. I have been using SpiriTouch for a year now and I have had about 30 massages including lomi lomi, swedish, deep tissue, and ashiatsu. All are awesome. Prices are reasonable and they care.

Sage Sisters Massage Therapy is very good at giving a relaxing massage. They seem to know where all your sore muscles are and makes you feel new again. They are the best!

Amazing! Always helps me escape the stress of work. I always feel rejuvenated and stress free by the end of my massage!

Sage Sisters Massage Therapy’s lomi lomi massage is the absolute greatest. I have had it numerous times and no two sessions are ever the same. Not a session goes by without me telling them they are the greatest!